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Favorite Thief fan missions

posted on 7/18/19

Thief: The Dark Project and Thief 2: The Metal Age or my all time favorite video games. I've loved them since a child and have played through each many times. Thanks to the wonderful fan community the game continues to receieve bug fixes, graphical enhancments and incredible new missions. Here are my favorites:

  1. The Black Frog by Gaëtane

    "There’s so much life in this coast village. It’s the main village party, the Sea Songs Festival. So people, enjoy, laugh and sing. But Garrett will not have time to rejoice at the festivities, he is here to meet a messenger named Irvin who was sent by a rich local lord, Sir Belmont. Tonight Garrett will find Irvin in one of the inn rooms, “The Three Heroes”. Here the messenger will give him all details about the contract proposed by Belmont."

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  2. The Last Lighthouse Keeper by Eternauta (E.R.)

    "I have been having dreams lately. Disturbing dreams. Three years ago I did a job on Christmas night at an estate called Snowever, located near a lighthouse. The job ended badly. In addition to not finding a gem that I had been commissioned to steal, I got into a confrontation with the lighthouse keeper, one Brian McHarty. I caused McHarty to fall to his death. This was a mess that my client, Lord Ezio, frowned upon. Word got around, and I was unemployed for a while. Anyway, that was in the past. I am over it now. Or am I? Lately, in my dreams, I have been haunted by McHarty’s ghost. He wants something from me. I am not sure what it is. I think it is revenge."

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  3. Home Sweet Home by Lady Rowena (R.I.P.)

    "Hey, it's been awhile since I set foot inside here. This place has seen better days. I'm not here to stay, anyway, just long enough to take care of a little job.

    A man called Sebastian has come to me with a tempting proposal. He wants me to steal an ancient artifact, the Unknown God, from the house of Mercuzio who owns a pharmacy in Wayside. Besides being rich, the guy is also an art collector. Just out of curiosity, I dug up some information on this Sebastian, as I've never heard of him before. It turns out that he's the partner and the right arm of Alexandros, a rather bizarre character, a stranger who appeared in the City one day out of nowhere..."

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  4. When Still... by Eternauta (E.R.)

    "By now the power of Christianity is stable and widespread. It has settled into the Hammerite Abbeys, into the Pagan Sanctuaries and into every house. This plague of “faith” has carried out its deadly patrol, causing widespread panic and confusion in all the cities of the land. The first to feel its effects were the Pagans, tortured and killed for their heresies. The Hammerites, being both more numerous and more organised, resisted fiercely but even they were forced to bend their knee to the Church. There were a stubborn few who refused to yield and continued to fight but their numbers grew fewer as one by one they disappeared without trace..."

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  5. The Scarlet Cascabel by PukeyBrunster and Tannar

    "It's about time I visited an old friend of mine.

    I received a letter from Wendolyn, who used to run with Basso and me back in the old days. She's been lying low for last few years, running a modest operation near the borders of Wychwood.

    She has reason to believe a famed artifact can be found there, and not just your average, dusty relic.

    It's a long road through Wychwood. Superstition prevails that the woods are evil, filled with devils and spooks.. you know, the usual. But I could use some quiet time in the country for a change, and deep woods have plenty of shadows for me to feel.. at home in."

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  6. Raven Creek by Christine

    "After having found the pirate treasure I finally had enough gold to retire in style. Here in Raven Creek, a small and peaceful village, I bought a nice cottage and now hold down a new job which is absolutely legal. In the eyes of the citizens of Raven Creek I'm an unknown but talented novelist. Some months ago I began the first steps in writing down all my adventures. Apart from that I enjoy life and all those things it has to offer. I have a good time! Today, on this sunny sunday afternoon I'm off to meet some friends at the pub. Let's start with a delicious ice cream and then, later in the evening, let's taste a cold beer. I better leave, I don't want to arrive too late ..."

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  7. Autumn in Lampfire Hills by Anthony Huso (Poteh)

    So, You're a Master Thief. You've stolen from Constantine, you've stolen from Lord Rothchest, Edmund and all the others. You've stolen from a god, for heaven's sake! It's about time you got a place of your own...not an apartment. A house, or maybe a cottage...Yes. A cottage in Lampfire Hills. In the north outskirts of this gear-grinding city, lies the peaceful (though sternly ruled) district of Lampfire Hills. Now that you are out of debt you've even given some consideration to retiring there..."

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  8. Rose Cottage by Saturnine (David Tonkinson)

    "Sir, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in this matter. As you know from our meeting, I am the resident mortician at the Hollow Lane Mortuary in Lampfire Hills. And that recently my beloved Hollow Lane Manor ~ my family's home for generations, and the surrounding buildings of the mortuary complex, the chapel, crypt, morgue and crematorium, are suddenly and inexplicably haunted..."

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  9. CoSaS2 Mission X by Anarchic Fox, Finial, Yametha, R Soul, & Digital Nightfall

    "Three seasons have passed since the late winter’s night when a small inn in a remote corner of The City was host to the Scepter Owner’s Society, and was infiltrated by the amateur thief Dante at the behest of the mysterious Master Nightfall, founder of The Circle of Stone and Shadow. Since then, Dante has worked slowly through the ranks of The Circle, gaining the trust of those around him. Now, as the cold of winter once again grips The City, he stands ready to join the highest ranking agents in the organization, the Material Components (MCs), captained by Sheam and under the direct command of Master Nightfall himself. Meanwhile, the face of The City is changing..."

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  10. Death’s Cold Embrace by Yandros, Random_Taffer, Moghedian, Peter Smith, Polygon, R Soul & Tannar

    "Through an underground contact, you have been hired by a Dayport nobleman named Richard Fairbanks to break into the apartment of Marc Miller, an inventor who was murdered the previous night. You must find Miller’s research journal, and then meet Fairbanks at a local pub called The Trickster’s Tail to collect the 1000 gold promised in the contract, and to hear Fairbanks’ proposal for a larger, more lucrative job."

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  11. Godbreaker by Random_Taffer

    "As a thief with a reputation for success, it's easy to bite off more than I can chew. Over the years I've received more job offers than I could possibly complete and, as age has become less shy in its steady creep, I've had to decline more and more of them. I've come to understand that my energy is a fleeting investment and I shouldn't take every job that comes my way. Unfortunately this didn't deter me from my latest blunder."

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